Our Leaders

Our Minister

Originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland my faith was grounded very firmly in the Presbyterian Church. When I moved to Australia (Latrobe Valley - Victoria) with my family in 1980 I looked for a new spiritual home and quickly found the UCA.

Australia I discovered was a very different place to the bombs and bullets I was brought up with. I moved to Queensland in 2003, and was fortunate enough to marry the most wonderful lady in the world Tracey. We have been blessed or is that challenged with five children ranging in age from 9 - 24.

I was Ordained as Minister of the Word in December 2018 and started my placement with Faith Works in January 2019. I believe that the church is not a building but it is the People of God. I look forward to the next few years in my first placement at Faith Works Uniting Community. As we journey together, exploring God's word and how it both liberates and challenges us.

Worship happens every day and everywhere but when we gather for worship it is a gathering where we can seek together to explore what Christianity means for us. It is an opportunity to be renewed and challenged in our faith. A chance to see how the bible and more importantly how relevant Christianity is in our modern world.

To use the words attributed to St Francis - "we should preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ at all times and if necessary use words."

Rev. Neil Storey

John Loneragan (Chair)

Lesley Bishop (Secretary)

Lesley has been worshipping with us for about ten years and is our amazing church administrator and also the Church Council secretary.

Sometimes you will even find her hiding behind the AV desk at worship.

If you need help with booking a room, finding a song for that special occasion or just need some information about Faithworks Lesley is the go to person.

Lesley Bishop

Faith Works Uniting Community Council

Our Council is elected by the congregation every five years to work with the Minister in providing pastoral and spiritual oversight of Faith Works Uniting Community's worship and mission activities. It is also responsible for overseeing the Community's general administration, staff, finance and property.

The current Council, which meets every two months, is: