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Whether you are a guest wanting to get a feel for our services or a regular who has either missed a service or just wanted to hear it again, then this page is for you.

A recording of the message from our latest service is available online. Just click the play button on the audio player below and sit back and enjoy.

Recordings of our services are usually uploaded every Monday morning.

Our Messages

The Dream Giver Part 3

Service: 9:00am 18th August 2019

Readings: Psalm 37:1-5 and 1 Samuel 17: 38-47

Read by: Rev. Neil Storey

The Dream Giver Part 2

Service: 9:00am 11th August 2019

Readings: Romans 8:18-28

Read by: Rev. Neil Storey

The Dream Giver Part 1

Service: 9:00am 4th August 2019

Readings: Exodus 4: 1-17 and Hebrews 8: 11-14

Read by: Rev. Neil Storey